Smart-Cineplex Promo

​Introducing our newest partner: Major Cineplex!

VIP Theatre

As part of our exciting partnership, all Smart SmartVIP customers will get 20% discount on VIP tickets.
*One redemption per day for 1 ticket only

SmartVIP Movie Days

SmartVIP customers will also enjoy 1 USD movie tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays every week! And if you love watching in 3D, it's just 2 USD!​ ​To become a SmartVIP, simply top up 5 USD or more each month!
*One redemption per day for 1 ticket only

Smart StreamOn8 Gift

Smart StreamOn 8 customers will now get one 2D movie ticket for FREE every month, redeemable on Wednesdays!​ ​Dial *700*3333# to subscribe to Smart StreamOn 8 now!​

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