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Alumni from SmartStart, SmartEdu and SmartSpark programs gathered in Phnom Penh over the weekend piloting the Smart IoT Challenge to tackle unique digital challenges and to demonstrate their understanding of one of the key digital concepts of the 21st century.

IoT refers to the use of digital technology to connect computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. IoT technology is being increasingly used in agriculture, manufacturing and in designing smart homes and smart cities, where machines are able to communicate with each other and the data gathered then used to maximize efficiency and value.

A simple example of this would be lights in an office building that detect, through sensors, whether anyone is in the room and then automatically turn on or off accordingly.

In collaboration with Impact Hub Phnom Penh and Arrowdot, the Smart IoT Challenge aimed to equip alumni with fundamental IoT knowledge, and they were tasked with identifying a real-world problem and then outlining how IoT technology could deliver a solution.

The winning team, Smart Composting, took on the problem of excessive food waste and proposed a solution using humidity, temperature and other sensors to remove the guesswork out of composting and make it a much simpler process for those unfamiliar with the practice.

Chea Chansoksambath from the winning team said: “As a SmartEdu Scholar, it is such a great experience for me and my team having joined Smart IoT challenge. This opportunity not only enables me to gain a better understanding of new digital and IoT skills but also to put them into practical use with real solutions that I hadn’t thought of before. I also gained important skills such as teamwork, pitching and working under pressure.”

“As the world digitizes more rapidly, identifying real-world problems that can be solved using digital technology is a critical next step in harnessing the power of the Internet. As we move quickly towards 5G, with its increased speeds and efficiency, the real potential of the Internet of Things can be harnessed to make our workplaces, our farms, our schools and our cities more efficient and connected,” said Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt.

The piloted Smart IoT Challenge will be embedded in the annual SmartStart Young Innovator Program to expose participants to different technologies and help shaping their businesses through trendy digital technologies. As Cambodia’s digital champion, Smart is constantly looking for innovative ways to engage with young Cambodians through its various pioneering digital education programs including SmartStart and SmartEdu.

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