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Phnom Penh, 24th May 2017: Smart Axiata, Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications company, announced today a partnership with Earth Networks, a global leader in weather forecasting and reporting, to introduce a new weather intelligence service called “Smart Weather” – another first-of-its-kind digital service for Cambodia.

At the press conference attended by both parties and presided over by H.E. Ross Sovann, Deputy Secretary General of National Committee of Disaster Management (NCDM), Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart said the company is excited to partner with renowned Earth Networks to provide to Cambodian customers the most advanced weather service available in the country. “As weather patterns become more erratic due to climate change and other factors, accurate weather information has become more important than ever before to protect lives and safeguard assets; Smart Weather is the solution to help Cambodians plan their day and stay safe.”

“We believe this new value-added service brought to Cambodia by Smart and Earth Networks will greatly benefit our customers by providing up to date and accurate weather forecasts as well as by giving alerts if severe weather approaches,” he added.

Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Earth Networks agreed: “We congratulate and thank Smart for their partnership and leadership in this initiative. This collaboration integrating Smart’s advanced mobile technology with the scale of Earth Networks’ global network of real-time observations and lightning detection provides a new level of innovation for Cambodia. This fully operational platform will provide government agencies, businesses and Smart customers actionable and highly accurate severe weather and forecast intelligence in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.”

H.E. Ross Sovann, Deputy Secretary General of NCDM, said: “Accurate weather predictions not only save lives and property but also help farmers and others working outdoors. For this reason, we are very happy that Smart and Earth Networks introduce their weather alert system here in Cambodia and we look forward seeing how people use it to minimize the impact of extreme weather in their lives.”

Smart Weather is designed to accommodate both individual users and intuitional customers such as businesses from sectors like aviation, agriculture or tourism as well as government institutions and NGOs.

Understanding the importance of quick information access, Smart Weather can give information to mobile users even if they are not connected to the Internet or using a smartphone. Smart Weather can also provide users with weather alerts for rain, storms, lightning; a highly accurate weather forecast; and other key weather-related information through SMS and in future, Interactive Voice Recording (IVR).

At only 15 cents per month, individual users will receive a weather update via SMS every morning, which provides them with a 10-day advanced forecast. Mobile users also receive SMS storm alerts two hours before a thunderstorm is expected to happen around their area. Users can also dial *559# or call 559 for an instant report on current weather conditions.

Smart Weather will also be integrated into Smart’s self-care app SmartNas, giving smartphone users a fully visualized weather forecast.

For organizational customers, Smart Weather provides much greater control over their weather intelligence. Accessed through a web browser, these users can view extremely comprehensive real-time data about current, near-term and medium-term weather conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions at every step.

With more than 10,000 global weather stations and over 1,500 lightning sensors across Asia and the world, Earth Networks’ advanced weather intelligence system allows business, governmental and individual users to access real-time comprehensive weather information within their locality or elsewhere across the map.

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