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Pleng artists, together with other social media personalities, joined Oun Batham–better known as Sai – on Sunday in a 10km run at Koh Pich as part of “Run with Sai” – an ongoing fundraising campaign to support Angkor Hospital for Children.

Smart Axiata contributed 10,000 USD to Sai’s campaign, which now exceeds 480,000 USD after he ran more than 2,408km across 21 provinces in 97 days.

Speaking about why he initially started the “Run with Sai” campaign, Sai said, “I respect the work that Angkor Hospital for Children is doing to treat Cambodian children, and I wanted to use my platform to help them in any way that I could. The year 2020 was a particularly difficult one, but nevertheless, I was overwhelmed by the support and generosity of my fellow Cambodians to stand by this noble cause.”

He continued, “It is great to see major Cambodian companies like Smart strongly supporting initiatives like mine that help Cambodians extend a helping hand to those less fortunate than themselves, especially children.”

Sai has unsurprisingly received several nominations to receive the Smart Good Citizen Award – a pillar of Smart Axiata’s “Rise Together” campaign which aims to recognize Cambodians who have brought positive change to their communities despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Sai is an inspiration to us all, and we at Smart are proud to contribute to his remarkable achievement of raising so much money through personal initiative, hard work and sacrifice. We hope our donation to ‘Run with Sai’ today, as part of our ‘Rise Together’ campaign, will encourage all Cambodians to pull together and support each other, especially the most vulnerable, during these difficult times,” said Feiruz Ikhwan, Chief Financial Officer at Smart Axiata.

After the completion of the 10km run, it was announced that Smart would be extending its support of free pediatric healthcare by organizing a fundraising concert and matching donations up to 100,000 USD. The Smile Charity Concert will be a live virtual concert featuring a star-studded lineup of Cambodian talent.

Funds will be donated to Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital and Angkor Hospital for Children, leading pediatric hospitals that offer free healthcare to millions of Cambodian children.

“Ensuring all Cambodians, especially children, have access to quality healthcare is a key part of Smart’s commitment to supporting national development in any way possible,” Feiruz added. “In November 2020, Smart Axiata’s 1 Million USD COVID-19 Relief Fund also disbursed 60,000 USD to support the Angkor Hospital for Children Nutrition Program until June 2021, an initiative to prevent malnourishment among Cambodian children.”

Bross La, one of the celebrities who joined the run, said, “I couldn’t be prouder of his initiative to raise money for AHC. Running alongside him has empowered me to do more for my community and my country. I’m grateful to work with Smart Axiata, which has shown countless times that they, too, are committed to the healthy development of Cambodia. I’m looking forward to joining the Smile Charity Concert.”

Smart has recently launched the “Rise Together” campaign, which intends to promote unity among Cambodians throughout the country. The campaign consists of a dedicated campaign video, a specially created theme song featuring Pleng artists, various CSR initiatives, and the Smart Good Citizen Award, which aims to recognize Cambodians who have brought positive change to their communities.

For more information, follow the Smart Axiata Facebook page at or visit

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