Smart Axiata Company Core Values are the foundation for making sure everyone at Smart is on the same page. All of us at Smart need to align ourselves with these standards to create a good environment that cultivates the right values to you, our esteemed customers.


Highest ethical standards, No tolerance for unethical conduct

  • I am honest and people can trust me to be truthful and not misleading.
  • I am fair towards everyone, regardless of their status, gender, religion, age and personal relationship with me.
  • I always safeguard the interest of the company.
  • I comply with the laws, regulations and policies governing our business.
  • I have zero tolerance towards corruption in any form. I do neither, no matter what, request, accept nor offer any improper advantages such as bribes, excessive gifts, excessive entertainment, kickbacks, future employments, future promises or any personal benefit from/to third parties or persons.


Highest level of performance – with a heart for people

  • I demand high level of performance from myself and from everyone I work with.
  • I benchmark my performance rigorously with the very best and strive to improve myself.
  • I challenge the status quo and embrace change to make things better.
  • I am determined to win, whilst I am compassionate with people.
  • I permanently strive to exceed the expectations.


Responsibility, Actions, Solutions, Outcome

  • I am accountable for my performance and therewith for the outcome of myself.          
  • I fully accept my responsibilities and I contribute to the company’s success.
  • I make decisions and take actions to ensure correct behaviors and positive results for the company.
  • I deliver what I commit.
  • “I can do, I will do” is my motto to make things happen. I am actively seeking solutions for problems.


Customer Needs, Services Quality, Speed

  • I acknowledge that our customers pay my salary, accordingly I deliver best in class customer experience to both external and internal customers.
  • I understand customer needs and strive to deliver beyond their expectations.
  • I pursue excellence in all I do to win the hearts of customers.
  • I provide exceptional services and speedy solutions to customers. 
  • I keep my promise towards customers.


Communication, Diversity, Openness, Respect, Support

  • We take pride in winning together as One Smart team.
  • We openly and proactively share knowledge, skills, experience and information to ensure our team succeeds.
  • We demonstrate trust, respect, honesty, integrity, hard work and sense of responsibilities in diverse working environments.
  • We communicate constructively by expressing thoughts and ideas openly, clearly, directly and we listen actively to others in the team. 
  • We fight as a team, we play as a team, we win as a team!
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