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Through Smart’s and Razer’s new partnership, Cambodia’s legion of esports fans can now easily and securely use their Smart main balance to purchase Razer Gold, with which they can buy in-game currencies and credits for use in over 34,000 games and entertainment apps with just a click of a button.

To celebrate this new partnership, Smart subscribers can get a 50% bonus until the end of July (up to a maximum of 5 USD worth of Razer Gold virtual game credits) when they reload their Razer Gold wallet with at least 5 USD via their Smart main balance. This offer is applicable for the first 50 transactions made each day.

“On behalf of Razer, we would like to express how excited we are to be partnering with Smart on Razer Gold, which Smart subscribers can easily purchase via their main balance,” said Adisorn Phonnarut, Senior Director of Razer Gold, in a video clip played during the virtual partnership launch event on Monday, June 28.

“Razer Gold, a type of unified virtual credit, is available to gamers worldwide and can be used in over 34,000 games and entertainment titles. You can use Razer Gold to buy games and in-game content to get more bang for your buck, and you can also enjoy rewards in Razer Silver [through a loyalty program] and exclusive game deals,” he added.

Razer Silver will automatically be added to your wallet balance and can be used to redeem gifts and in-game items.

The direct carrier billing solution is made possible, in part, by the intergrations and digital enablement of Apigate’s Applicating Programming Interface (API) platform.

“Apigate is excited to enable this landmark partnership between Smart and Razer, which will allow Smart customers to easily reload their Razer Gold wallet via their main balance and buy items in their favorite titles through Apigate’s secure, hassle-free direct carrier billing solution. We are also very happy to further grow our strategic partnership with Smart and be a part of Razer Gold’s growth journey by providing them with the means to expand their reach,” said Raja Mansukhani- Head of Apigate & Executive Director of Digital Financial Services of Axiata Digital.

Smart says this partnership with Razer is on exclusive basis for Cambodia.

“We are extremely happy being able to partner with such an influential gaming company as Razer to bring our gaming enthusiast subscribers special offers and this unique ability to buy Razer Gold using their Smart main balance. Mobile gaming and esports are becoming ever more popular in Cambodia, and we are always looking for ways to support our esports community with good deals so they can keep playing hassle-free wherever they are,” said Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt.

“Through the partnership, our subscribers will now also be able to enjoy an even smoother gaming experience through our one-stop gaming marketplace, Leng Center, which can be accessed via our SmartNas mobile application,” Thomas added.

To purchase Razer Gold and enjoy the 50% extra offer, customers simply need to go to and choose Smart as the payment method for their purchase when prompted. Subscribers must have sufficient main balance to complete the transaction.

For more information about Smart and partnership options, follow the Smart Axiata Facebook page at or visit

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