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PHNOM PENH, 18th May 2016- Smart introduces Facebook Flex, a new way to use Facebook, even when you run out of credit! Chat, post, like, comment and share even without credit on your phone, exclusively for Smart subscribers!

Despite more than 98.5% of the population residing in areas with existing Smart cellular coverage – and despite fast (3G) and super-fast (4G LTE) data networks of Smart covering more than 65% of the entire population of Cambodia, only about 30% of the total population are connected to the Internet as of now. However, there is an exponential growth in the number of people connecting to the Internet year over year especially for the purpose of using Facebook.

As second wave of Smart’s partnership with Facebook under the ‘Free Basics’ program which was launched itself in October 2015, Facebook Flex is a new service that allows Smart subscribers to switch to a Facebook version without any data charge. By toggling the “Go For Free” switch within Facebook’s Android App or Facebook’s website, the free data basic version of Facebook with no photos or videos is turned on. By switching to “See Photos”, all photos and videos in the Facebook timeline will be shown while standard data charges apply.

Facebook Flex by Smart is available on Facebook’s Android App and Facebook’s website for non-Android devices. Entirely new Facebook users are even eligible for a 14-day trial of zero data charged Facebook without restrictions, including photos and videos.

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