My Notify

When you disconnect or fail to answer a call, My Notify will send a default message of your choosing to the missed caller.


  • 2 cents/day

How to use:

  • To activate, SMS [ON] to [7171] or dial 7171 and follow instructions.
  • To deactivate, SMS [OFF] to [7171]
  • To set default message:
    • Via IVR
      • Dial 7171 and follow instructions
    • Via SMS
      • Send [SET] [your message] to [7171]
      • For example, SET ‘Sorry, but I can’t answer your call because I’m playing football now. I’ll call you back soon.’ send to [7171]
  • For more information, send [HELP] to [7171]


This service is applicable for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.

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