You can access your newsfeed. Update your status. Send friend requests. Plus lots more. All from only 5 cents/day!

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Dial *325#
Subscription fee 5 cents/day
Service fee 30 cents/week

How to use

Dial *325# to access the menu.
With Facebook USSD, you can:

  • Access your news feed
  • Update your status
  • Send friend requests
  • Access your messages
  • Plus lots more!


  • Use Facebook without Internet connection
  • All you need is a Facebook account
  • Easy to use

Terms & Conditions

  • To subscribe, dial *325# and follow the instructions.
  • To unsubscribe, dial *325*22#
  • Subscription fee is 5 cents/day.
  • Service fee is 30 cents/week.
  • Available to all Smart prepaid customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM.
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