Update your Facebook status, add friends, reply to comments plus a whole lot more through SMS! Simple!

Don’t let a lack of Internet or data hold you back, stay online on Facebook through SMS and keep connected for only 1 cent/SMS!

Facebook SMS
  • Subscribe
  • Fee

How to use

  • Subscribe to a friend: SMS ’sub (your friend’s name)’ to 32665
  • Unsubscribe from a friend: SMS ‘unsub (your friend’s name)’ to 32665
  • Update your status: SMS ‘status (new status text)’ to 32665
  • Delete your latest status: SMS ‘undo’ to 32665
  • Reply to a comment: Reply to the message
  • Send a message: SMS ‘poke (friend’s name) to 32665
  • Add friend: SMS ‘add (friend’s name)’ to 32665
  • Search profile info: SMS ‘info (friend’s name)’ to 32665
  • Get help on commands: SMS ‘help’ to 32665
  • Unsubscribe: SMS ‘stop’ to 32665
  • Resubscribe: SMS ‘on’ to 32665


  • All you need is a Facebook account
  • No subscription or activation fee
  • Use Facebook without an Internet connection
  • Great value – only 1 cent/SMS!

Terms & Conditions

  • To unsubscribe, send ‘Stop’ in an SMS to 32665
  • To subscribe, all you need is a Facebook account.
  • Available to all Smart prepaid customers, except for those on Smart Traveller SIM.
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