Share phone credit with family and friends when I like!

Smart make it easy to transfer credit between numbers. I run out of credit but my brother has a lot? He can send credit to my phone!

How do I activate this service?

1 To activate, dial *767#

2 Receive a password by SMS.

3 Dial *100*[receiver's number]*[amount in USD]*[password]#.

How much does it cost?

10 cents per successful transfer (deducted from the sender’s main balance only)


Need to make a call and don’t have credit?
I can with


Terms & Conditions

  • To change password: *000*[old password]*[6 digits new password]#.
  • To deactivate: *000*2#.
  • The amount I share must be a whole number and cannot include a dot or comma (ex: 2 is possible, 2.5 is not possible)
  • To share credit balance, I need to have the total amount to be shared on my available + 1 USD (eg: to share 3 USD I need 4 USD or more on my available balance)
  • I cannot share bonuses, free minutes, SMS, MMS, or GPRS.
  • The validity of the shared amount stays the same for the person I share it with.
  • This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.

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