iCall uPay

I’ve run out of credit and need to make a call!

I have no credit but I need to call my friend! (or my friend needs my credit!). iCall uPay is an easy service where I can request my friends to call me back when I run out unexpectedly.

All I have to do is activate the service and then dial 6565 before my friends number, and they pick up my call request.

How do I activate this service?

  •  To activate, dial *767#
  •  Make a call – dial 6565+number you want to call.

How much does it cost?

3 cents per day for subscription.


Prefer to borrow credit from a friend?
I can with



Terms & Conditions

  • Deactivate by dialling 6565 or send OFF to 6565.
  • After Caller A’s number has subscribed to iCall uPay successfully, it will not be charged when dialling 6565 + B’s number even if A’s number balance is zero.
  • When B’s number has connected to a call from A’s number successfully, B’s number will bear the call’s charge based on a tariff plan. If B’s number does not have enough balance and free minutes, then the system will disconnect the call.
  • There is a minimum main balance of 3 cents to make a iCall uPay call.
  • My friend’s number needs to be a Smart number.
  • This service is applicable for all Smart subscribers, excluding Traveller SIM.

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