Simply subscribe, call 987 and follow the instructions. Songs found with Smart TunesClub can be purchased instantly for both Smart Tunes4U and Smart Tunes4Friends!

Smart TunesClub
  • Subscribe
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  • Preview the latest releases
  • Purchase new Smart Tunes instantly
  • Subscription fee only 1 cent/day
  • Calls only 1 cent/minute

Terms & Conditions

  • Smart TunesClub cannot be activated when your main balance less than 1 cent. This means that you will be charged regardless of free minutes and bonuses unless indicated.
  • Smart Tunes Club is a subscription-based service which has a mutually defined validity period of one week.
  • Subscription fee is 1 cent/day.
  • Calls to 987 cost 1 cent/minute.
  • Calls to 888 and then routed to Smart Tunes Club 987 cost 1 cent/minute.
  • Downloading songs to use as Smart Tunes costs 30 cents/month.
  • Activation: Call to Smart Tunes Club (IVR 987) or call to Call Center (IVR 888) and press confirm to be routed to Smart Tunes Club.
  • To unsubscribe from Smart TunesClub, send OFF to 987.
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