Facebook SMS

I can use Facebook via SMS.

With this service made by Smart, I have access to my facebook by using only SMS. I can send and receive messages, update my status and add new friends...

How to activate this service?

Send fb to *32665#

How do I use this service?

Subscribe friend Send  sub[your friend's name] to 32665
Unsubscribe friend Send unsub[your friend's name] to 32665
Update your status Send SMS to 32665
Delete your latest status Send undo to 32665
Reply comment Reply message
Send message Send poke [friend's name] to 32665
Add friend Send add [friend's name]'to 32665
Search profile info Send info [friend's name] to 32665
Get help on commands Send help to 32665
Deactivate Send stop to 32665
Reactivate Send on to 32665



  • FREE notification received and only 1cent/SMS sent out!


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Terms & Conditions

  • ខ្ញុំត្រូវការមានគណនី Facebook ជាមុនសិន។

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