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With Share2Talk, you can transfer credit from your balance to friends and family whenever they need it!

With each transaction costing as little as 10 cents, you can affordably share your balance.

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  • Fee

How to use

  • Step 1: Dial *000*1# to activate Share2Talk
  • Step 2: Receive password via SMS
  • Step 3: Dial *100*friend’s number*amount in USD*password#


  • Easily share your balance with friends and family
  • Only 10 cents/transaction
  • Available to all Smart prepaid customers, except for those on Smart Traveller SIM

Terms & Conditions

  • To change your password, dial *000*(old password)*(new 6-digit password)#.
  • To deactivate, dial *000*2#.
  • The amount you share must be a whole number and cannot include a dot or comma. For example, 2 is possible, but 2.5 is not.
  • To share your balance, you need to have the total amount to be shared plus an additional 1 USD. For example, to share 3 USD you need 4 USD or more in available balance.
  • You cannot share bonuses, free minutes, SMS, MMS or GPRS.
  • The validity of the shared amount stays the same for the person you share it with.
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