With iCalluPay, you can get in touch with your friends and family even if you’ve got insufficient balance for a call.

With this service, you can request for them to call you, and you won’t be charged or need available balance for the call! Simply send a request to the person you’re trying to call, and if they accept, you’ll be talking in no time!

You can subscribe to iCalluPay for only 3 cents/day! To use this service, all you have to do is dial 6565 plus your friend’s number and follow the instructions to ask for a call back. It’s that simple!

  • Subscribe
  • Fee
  • SMS 'ON' to 6565
  • 3 cents/day

To make a call: Dial 6565(number you want to call).


  • Make a call even when you have insufficient balance
  • Quick and easy to make a request
  •  Subscription fee only 3 cents/day

Terms & Conditions

  • To unsubscribe, dial 6565 or SMS ‘OFF’ to 6565.
  • After you’ve successfully subscribed to iCalluPay, you won’t be charged for a call made using the service, and you can use the service with insufficient balance. Your registered friend’s number will be charged instead. If your friend’s number has no credit or remaining minutes to make the call, you won’t be able to call out using iCalluPay.
  • To use iCalluPay, your friend’s number needs to have a main balance of at least 3 cents. Both you and your friend also need to be Smart subscribers.
  • iCalluPay is available to all Smart prepaid customers, except Smart Traveller SIM subscribers.
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