You can get 20 cents, 50 cents or 1 USD. And pay back your friend when you next top up. You can also request as many loans as you like − even if you haven’t paid back your first loan.

Dial *767#
Then follow the instructions.

Activation Code
  • 20 cents
  • 50 cents
  • 1 USD
  • 5 cents
  • 10 cents
  • 20 cents


  • Borrow extra balance from friends whenever you need
  • Top up to pay back
  • Variety of different loan amounts – from 20 cents to 1 USD
  • Make as many FriendLoan requests as you like

Terms & Conditions

  • To be able to receive a FriendLoan, the giver needs to have:
    1. A minimum of 23 cents in their main balance to give 18 cents to a friend
    2. A minimum of 55 cents in their main balance to give 45 cents to a friend
    3. A minimum of 1.10 USD in their main balance to give 90 cents to a friend
  • As a user of the FriendLoan service, you will receive the same standard benefits (bonuses, validity, lifecycle) as regular top up users after your request has been accepted and the system has successfully added the FriendLoan to your balance.
  • You may request numerous loans from the same or different friend as many times as you want if your friend(s) accepts the request. Likewise, a giver can accept as many requests from the same or different friend(s) if they have enough balance.
  • If a FriendLoan request has not been accepted after 90 days, loan collection will stop automatically.
  • You can request both a SmartLoan and a FriendLoan at the same time if you meet the conditions for each service.
  • The FriendLoan service is available to all Smart prepaid customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM.


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How do I pay back a FriendLoan?

A FriendLoan is automatically repaid the next time you top up.

How do I make a FriendLoan request?

Simply dial 6565 and follow the instructions.


How much am I and my friend charged for a FriendLoan?

If you loan 20 cents, you will receive 18​ cents. 23 cents will be deducted from the giver, making the service fee 5 cents.

If you loan 50 cents, you will receive 45 cents. 55 cents will be deducted from the giver, making the service fee 10 cents.

If you loan $1, you will receive 90 cents. $1.10 will be deducted from the giver, making the service fee 20 cents.


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