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Introducing Data Pack!​​

​We are partnering with Facebook to give our customers a seamless surfing experience on the internet even when you running out or out of balance! Get extra data instantly through Facebook.​​

With Data Pack, when you have used 80% or more of your data, you will receive a pop-up message from Facebook which allows you to purchase more internet data from Data Pack available from only 20 cents for 1GB to 2 USD for 10 GB.​​

No Data Pack Data Pack Fee Validity(Active status)
1 1 GB 20 cents 7 days
2 2.5 GB 50 cents 7 days
3 5 GB 1 USD 7 days
4 10 GB 2 USD 7 days

How to get Data Packs?​


  • 1

    When you've used 80% of your data, you'll receive a pop-up message.​ ​ Click "BUY" on the package you want.​


  • 2

    You'll receive another message asking you to confirm your purchase.​ Click "OK" to confirm.​


  • 3

    Your purchase request will be confirmed.​ Click "USE DATA".​


  • 4

    You'll receive a confirmation SMS once your request has been approved.​

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