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Help a friend or family member in need with our new BanhLuy service! With BanhLuy, you can share your main balance with a loved one for ONLY 10 cents per transaction, so they can stay connected. To send some of your balance to someone, simply dial*1700 *000*receiver’s number*amount#.​

Fee Activation Validity Check Status
10 cents *1700*000*receiver's number*amount#​ Receiver's remaining validity​ *1700*000*888#

To Check Status:Dial *1700*000*888#

To blacklist your number:Dial*1700*000*2#

Terms & Conditions

  • No password is required to use this service.
  • To send some of your balance to someone, in addition to having sufficient main balance to pay for the amount you want to send and the fee, you must also have a surplus of 1 USD. For example, to share 3 USD, you must have a main balance of at least 4.1 USD (to cover the fee of 10 cents and a have a surplus of 1 USD in your main balance). 
  • You can only share whole dollar amounts. For example, you cannot send 2.5 USD.
  • You cannot transfer any bonus balances, SMS, minutes or data of any kind. 
  • The maximum amount you can share per day  is 50 USD. 
  • Your number must be active to share your balance. However, the recipient number can be in MOC status and receive balance.
  • Receiver can only receive maximum 3 transfers with maximum total amount of 50 USD a day.
  • You can use a transferred amount to pay outstanding SmartLoans and renew/subscribe to plans and services if you are in an active status.
  • Your number’s lifecycle will not be prolonged nor will you receive any additional benefits with the transferred amount.
  • This service is only available to prepaid customers (excluding Smart @Home and Smart Traveller SIM subscribers).
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