Smart Personal Accident Insurance

Peace of mind from 2 cents per day.

Accidents happen everyday! So I want to be insured, it costs as little as 80 Riel/day and I’m covered for accidents, disability and death for as much as USD 2,500 USD per year. I can even insure up to 4 of my family members for a maximum of 10,000 USD coverage. The cover is 24/7 and worldwide. Only with Smart Personal Accident Insurance underwritten by FORTE!

Why Smart Personal Accident Insurance?

1 Protect your family and loved ones with insurance coverage up to USD 2,500.

2 Instant approval via SMS with no questions asked.

3 Very affordable fee, as low as 2 c/day.

4 Easy to pay via your phone credits. There is no need for a monthly visitation to insurance office.

5 Claim payment process within 7 days after all documentations are submitted.

How do I activate the service?

  • Self service

    SMS [REG PA, <Date of birth*>, <Full name**>] to 2500

    SMS [OFF <Policy number>] to 2500

  • Talk to a service agent

    Visit any of our Smart Shops

    Call our 24/7 call center at 888 or 010-200-888 



* Please fill date of birth in this format: DDMMYYYY (for example 24121985 for December 24th 1985)
** Please write your full name the same as what is written on your National Identification Card

What are the payment terms?

  Fee Maximum covered
Month 1 50 c 250 USD for 1 month
Months 2 to 12 2 c/day 2,500 USD for 1 year
Year 2 and + (Daily payment)
Year 2 and + (Yearly payment) 5 USD for 1 year

How can I activate the one-time payment?

Simply SMS [PA 365 <Policy Number>] to [2500]

Quick checks

  • For general insurance information

    SMS INFO to 2500

  • For profiles of policies purchased

    SMS PROFILE to 2500

  • For policy details purchased

    to 2500

  • For other information

    SMS HELP to 2500

How do I claim?

  • My family or myself need to notify Forte Insurance at +855 23 885 066/077 immediately.
  • A Forte Insurance Representative will help me with the required documentation.
  • I will be asked to fill up a claim form available from any of the Smart shops nationwide.
  • I submit this filled up claim form at any of the Smart shops.
  • Forte Insurance will pay the me within 7 days after submitting properly completed documents.


  • Claims will not be paid if the accident is a result of war, race driving/riding and/or any of the lists mentioned in your insurance policy.


  • Accidents or permanent disablement to the insured: Claims will be paid to the insured.
  • Accidental death: Claims will be paid to the insured’s family member/s.


  • Please check I policy for more details. CLICK HERE

Eligibility Insured must be from 18 to 60 years old.

Things I need to know

  • Insurance validity: 1 year (365 days) from date of registration or insured’s age reaches 60 years old whichever comes first.
  • Maximum policy a person can purchase: 4 policies with a 10,000 USD maximum amount insured.
  • SMS [REG PA, <Date Of Birth>, <FULL NAME>] to [2500] will be charged 50 cents. All other commands are free of charge.
  • Grace period: 21 days. I will be notified via SMS if I fail to top up. Should I fail to top up on time, your premium will be fixed based on the last day I paid, and your coverage amount will be calculated based on that. The insured amount will be valid to claim until the insurance validity is over.
  • Charges: Deducted from main balance only. Bonuses cannot be used for this service.
  • Applicable to Smart subscribers only.
  • Smart is an insurance agent
  • This service is applicable for all Prepaid customers, excluding Traveller SIM.


Smart has two more insurance options

Related FAQS

What is Smart Personal Accident Insurance?

This is an insurance plan that can help cover for accidents, disability and death for as much as USD 2,500 per year with only 80 Riels/day. You can even insure up to 4 of your family members for a maximum of USD 10,000 coverage. The cover is 24/7 and worldwide. Only with Smart Personal Accident Insurance underwritten by FORTE!

How can I register for Smart Personal Accident Insurance?

There are two ways:

1. Self service

  • Activate: SMS [REG PA, <Date Of Birth*>, <FULL NAME**> ] to [2500] and you are automatically covered
  • Deactivate: SMS [OFF <POLICY NUMBER>] to [2500]

2. Talk to a service agent

How much does it charge per registration?

Only 50 cents for one account at the first month and starting first date of second month, it will charge 2 cents daily.

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