MUM Health Care

Are you about to become a mother? Or just had a baby?

Smart helps me with easy to access information that can help during my pregnancy and after my baby is born.

Smart MUM Health Care is a private voice line to help keep you in the loop. Get key information on pregnancy and postnatal care easily. Get tips on how to take care of your baby’s health and of your own health! Updates include do’s and don’ts, nutrition tips, vaccination advice and other information that will help keep I and your baby safe.


How do I activate this service?

Dial 686 and select the topic: 

  • Press 1for information on pregnancy and safe delivery 
  • Press 2for information on vaccinations 
  • Press 3for information on breastfeeding and solid meals 
  • Press 4for information on child development 
  • Press 5for information on diarrhea 
  • Press 6for information on pneumonia
  • Press 7for information on other diseases

Note: For the best care for me and my baby, I should see a doctor or maternity health care professional.


With Smart, I can get more helpful services



  • Free of charge for all Smart subscribers
  • Other networks’ subscribers – charge is based on their respective tariff plans
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