Find new friends with Smart!

I can find and meet new friends by using iFriendship, Smart’s online chat service! I chat and have fun via text messaging and voice calls, and maybe find a friend for life! I can take the conversation to my personal account by replying or calling to 2442.

How to use this service?

  SMS Voice Calls
Fee 5 cents/SMS 10 cents/min
Activation Simply reply my name, age, sex to 2442 Call 2442 then call will connected to friend in Interactive Voice Recognition
Deactivation Send [STOP] to 2442 to go offline N/A


With Smart, I can get more UNLIMITED services

Terms & Conditions

  • សេវានេះសម្រាប់អតិថិជនទាំងអស់ លើកលែងតែអតិថិជនស៊ីមទេសចរណ៍។

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