Make calls to friends and family more fun by exchanging sounds and songs with vTalkvFun!

During calls, both the caller and receiver can use their keypad to share a range of sounds in the conversation, from funny to emotive noises. There’s also a variety of songs you can share with each other.

You can enjoy this service for just 2 cents/day, with calls charged at your plan’s normal rate, and only one of you needs to have vTalkvFun for you both to use its features in the call!

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Dial 6363

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  • Fee
  • Change existing sound fee

How to use

  • To use, dial 6363(your friend’s number)
  • To change sounds, dial 6363


  • Option to change sounds and songs every 30 days
  • Variety of sounds and songs available
  • Only 2 cents/day subscription fee
  • Just 30 cents to enjoy new sounds and songs for 30 days

Terms & Conditions

  • vTalkvFun can only be used to call other Smart numbers.
  • All charges are made to your main balance.
  • To unsubscribe, SMS ‘OFF’ to 6363 or dial 6363 and follow the instructions.
  • You are able to change the sounds every 30 days. If you change the sounds for 30 days, it will revert back to the original sounds after that period.
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