Call and listen to awesome tips whenever you like. Or subscribe to daily SMS notifications about the topic of your choice – from horoscopes to celebrity news.

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How to unsubscribe

Follow the instructions:

  1. Horoscope, dial*556*1#
  2. Weather, dial*556*2#
  3. Currency Exchange, dial*556*3#
  4. Your Best Status, dial*556*4#
  5. Humor, dial*556*5#
  6. Wise Sayings, dial*556*6#
  7. Holidays, dial*556*7#
  8. Voice Dating (Soon!), dial*556*8#
  9. Movies, dial*556*9#
  10. General Sports, dial*556*10#
  11. Celebrities, dial*556*11#
  12. Travel Now, dial*556*12#


  • Variety of topics, including weather, humor, travel plus lots more!
  • Only 4 cents/day and 1 cent/min to call and listen
  • Available to all Smart customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM

Terms & Conditions

  • Available to all Smart prepaid and postpaid customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM.
  • You must have a main balance of more than 4 cents to subscribe.
  • Daily subscription fee is 4 cents.
  • If you cannot pay for the daily subscription, the service will automatically stop.


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