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Smart Game Hero is back!

Play Katmy, a brilliantly fun game, and stand a chance to win a share of the 4,000 USD cash prize pool and awesome weekly prizes. Sixteen realme C35 smartphones, 10 USD and 5 USD main balance prizes and great T-shirts are waiting to be won. 

The tournament runs for 16 weeks starting on August 29, 2022.

​*Smart 4G mobile data is required to play the game and upload your score to the leaderboard!



Seasonal prize pool​

 Rank Prize (USD) Number of prizes Total(USD)
1 1,000 1 1,000
2 550 1 550
3 300 1 300
4 to 5 200 2 400
6 to 10 100 5 500
11 to 20 75 10 750
21 to 31 50 10 500
 Total 30 4,000

Weekly prize pool​

 Week Number of Winners prizes
1-16 10
  • 1st place – realme C35, 10 USD main balance and a T-shirt​
  • 2nd to 7th place – 10 USD main balance and a T-shirt​
  • 8th to 10th place – 5 USD main balance and a T-shirt

How to join​

You can subscribe via:​

  1. The Katmy app​
  2. USSD code​

The subscription will auto-renew providing you have sufficient main balance.​

Tournament subscription Daily fee Activation code​ Deactivation code Check status
Smart Game Hero 10 cents  *1700*765# *1700*765*0# *1700*765*888#

Subscribe via the Katmy app​

  • Download the Katmy app via the App Store or Google Play​
  • Launch the Katmy app​
  • Click “Yes” on the Smart Game Hero pop up​
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and enable your 4G network​
  • Dial the subscription code provided​

Subscribe via the USSD code​

  • Dial *1700*756#

Subscribe via the Smart Game Hero website​

  • Go to​
  • Click “Join NOW”, and you’ll be redirected to the Katmy app​
  • Follow the instructions in “Subscribe via the Katmy app” above​

Terms & Conditions

Auto-renewal and auto-deactivation​

  • The service will auto-renew every day at midnight. If a subscriber has insufficient balance, the service will renew when they next top up.​
  • Subscribers will receive an SMS notification if the auto-renewal fails.​
  • The service will auto-deactivate if the subscription charge fails to process for 60 consecutive days. The subscriber must then resubscribe to continue playing.​
  • The first place winner isn’t eligible to win any prizes in the following weeks but still eligible to win the season prize.
  • The rest of the winners (2nd to 10th place) is still eligible to win weekly prizes in the following week until reaches the first place.

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