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PUBG Mobile Unlimited is the ultimate data package for the game everyone’s playing, giving Smart subscribers UNLIMITED data to download all the in-app features and fight for that Chicken Dinner in as many PUBG Mobile matches as you like.​

With PUBG Mobile Unlimited, you can play as much as you want for as little as 5 cents/day!​

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  • Enjoy UNLIMITED data to download all in-app features in PUBG Mobile and play matches.

Terms & Conditions

  • PUBG Mobile Unlimited is available to all Smart prepaid customers.
  • The subscription fee will be charged from your main balance.
  • Unlimited data can be used to download all the in-app features and play PUBG Mobile matches. This data cannot be shared to others.
  • Auto-renewal will process at midnight on the last day of your subscription, providing you have sufficient balance.

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