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If you’re an expectant or new mother, call the MUM HealthCare hotline to get FREE tips and advice!

You can easily access information on pregnancy and postnatal care, as well as get tips on how to take care of both your baby’s health and your own.

Updates include dos and don’ts, nutrition tips and vaccination advice. Call today to get vital information that will help keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

Call now for FREE

Dial 686

Topic information

  • Press 1 for pregnancy and safe delivery.
  • Press 2 for vaccinations.
  • Press 3 for breastfeeding and solid meals.
  • Press 4 for child development.
  • Press 5 for diarrhea.
  • Press 6 for pneumonia.
  • Press 7 for other diseases.


  • FREE for all Smart subscribers
  • Huge variety of topics and advice
  • Call whenever you want

Terms & Conditions

  • Free of charge for all Smart subscribers.
  • Those calling MUM HealthCare on other networks will be charged based on their tariff plan.
  • MUM HealthCare is not a replacement for your doctor or healthcare professional.
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