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With hundreds of fun games to keep you entertained, GStream gives you UNLIMITED access to classics, casino favorites and much more on your smartphone! It also offers massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) and role-playing games (RPGs). ​

You can play with others online or download games to play offline, so you’ll never be without the games you love!​

Try it now completely FREE for the first 7 days. After that, continue playing as much as you want for as little as 5 cents/day!​

You can subscribe by dialing the number below and get playing today! After subscribing, visit and you can get all the fun you need there.

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Terms & Conditions

  • All Smart prepaid subscribers can subscribe to GStream, except Smart @Home subscribers.
  • To subscribe to GStream, dial *660#. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly in the GStream web portal. After the 7-day trial period, you’ll be charged 5 cents/day to continue playing.​
  • Subscribers cannot obtain more than one free subscription.​
  • If you have sufficient main balance, your GStream subscription will auto-renew at midnight on the last day of your subscription. ​
  • Your GStream subscription will be immediately removed when you unsubscribe.​
  • Your GStream subscription will be automatically removed if your subscription fails to renew for 30 consecutive days.​
  • Subscribers can access the GStream website via the following link:

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