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With over 300 fun, thrilling games available, Games Club gives you access to some of the best games around on your Android device! There’s no ads and it’s completely FREE for the first 7 days. After that, you can play as much as you like from as little as 5 cents/day!

There’s also no in-game purchases, and with UNLIMITED access, you can play whenever you want for however long you want! With a great selection of games, you’ll love Games Club.

Simply download the app and you’ll get all the fun you need. You’ll find the app at Alternatively, choose a subscription below, dial the number and get playing today!

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Terms & Conditions

  • All Smart subscribers with an Android device can subscribe to Games Club, except Smart @Home and Smart Traveller SIM subscribers.
  • You can subscribe to either Games Club Daily or Games Club Weekly. Daily subscribers can instantly switch to the weekly plan by dialing *699*2#. However, weekly subscribers must first unsubscribe before subscribing to the daily plan.
  • If you have sufficient main balance, the auto-renewal will occur at midnight on the last day of your subscription. Weekly subscribers will also receive an SMS reminder one day prior to the auto-renewal date.
  • Your Games Club subscription will be immediately removed when you unsubscribe.
  • All new users enjoy Games Club free for the first 7 days. This offer will continue until further notice.

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