Giving you peace of mind. And keeping you constantly connected. Even when you’re far apart. All from only 10 cents/week.

  • Subscribe
  • Fee
  • Request location
  • SMS ON to 7272
  • 10 cents/week
  • 2 cents/SMS
    2 cents/minute

How to use

  • Use FriendFinder in 3 easy steps:
  • Step 1: SMS ON to 7272 to subscribe
  • Step 2: Wait for the confirmation SMS
  • Step 3: Find your friend’s location* by:
    • SMS FIND (friend’s phone number) to 7272 (Example: FIND 010123456)
    • Dial 7272 + [Phone Number] (Example: dial 7272010123456)
  • *For the first location request, the receiver has the right to accept or reject your request. You can only find the receiver’s location after they accept your request.


  • Keep loved ones close even when you’re far away
  • Simply SMS FIND plus your friend’s phone number to 7272
  • You can also dial 7272 plus your friend’s phone number

Terms & Conditions

  • To find your own location, SMS FIND ME to 7272
  • To unsubscribe, SMS OFF to 7272
  • All charges are from main balance only.
  • This service is available to all Smart prepaid customers, apart from Smart Traveller SIM.
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