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Free Fire Unlimited is the ultimate data package for the game everyone’s playing, giving Smart subscribers UNLIMITED data to download all the in-app features and compete in as many matches as you like.​

​With Free Fire Unlimited, you can play as much as you want for as little as 20 cents/week!​

​Subscribe NOW and match up!​

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UNLIMITED data to play Free Fire games and download all the in-app features.​

Terms & Conditions

1. Free Fire Unlimited is available to all prepaid subscribers (excluding Smart @Home subscribers). ​

2. With this service, you get unlimited data to use the game app. The data can only be used if your number is active, and it can be used even if you do not have any balance. ​

3. The subscription fee is charged from your main balance. ​

4. The unlimited data is for in-app use only; any videos that appear and are watched outside of the app will be charged at the standard rate. ​

5. You can upgrade to the Monthly package from the Weekly package, but you cannot downgrade from the Monthly package to the Weekly package; if you want to downgrade, you must first unsubscribe from the Monthly plan then subscribe to the Weekly package. ​

6. If you unsubscribe from the service before your subscription has expired, you will still be able to use the unlimited data until the subscription’s expiry date. ​

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