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Now you can chat, post, like, comment and share on Facebook for FREE with Facebook Flex, available exclusively to Smart subscribers!

Simply switch between “Go to Free”, which lets you chat, like, comment and share without incurring data charges, and “See Photos”, which lets you watch videos and see photos at normal data rates.

If you’re a first-time Facebook user, you’ll also enjoy Facebook’s full features FREE for the first 14 days!

How to use

  • Turn on mobile data
  • Open the Facebook app and switch the slider from “See Photos” to “Go to Free”


  • Use a variety of Facebook features with no data charges
  • New Facebook users enjoy all features FREE for 14 days
  • Exclusively available to Smart subscribers

Terms & Conditions

  • Facebook Flex is only available on the Android Facebook app. All other devices will need to use the web version.
  • Photos and videos will only be displayed in the paid version (when the slider is set to ‘See Photos’).
  • When sliding to ‘Go to Free’, data usage will not incur any charges. When sliding to ‘See Photos’ (paid version), standard data charges will apply.
  • Only new, first-time Facebook users are eligible for the 14-day FREE trial of all Facebook features. This means no data charges will apply when using any and all Facebook features.
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