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Axiata Game Hero is a regional eSports tournament and portal that offers all genres of mobile and web tournament games on your smart device. For the first season, the tournament game is a battle royale, Free Fire, a product of Garena in collaboration with Techninier, Celcom Axiata (Malaysia), XL Axiata (Indonesia), Robi Axiata (Bangladesh) and Smart Axiata (Cambodia). ​

All active Smart subscribers are eligible to compete in the tournament and the winners of the National Championship will have the chance to WIN 15,000 USD of the 125,000 USD prize pool at the grand finals in Malaysia and represent Cambodia, battling other participants from Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. ​

Register NOW to compete in the tournament and be the last squad standing!​

Axiata Game Hero
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  • Web subscription
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Registration Process

Step 1: Create a Free Fire account by following these steps:​
1) Download the ‘Garena Free Fire’ app in the App Store or Google Play.​
2) Follow the instructions to create an account.​

​Step 2: Subscribe to Axiata Game Hero for 10 cents/day via USSD or web subscription.

Step 3: Link your Free Fire account with your Axiata Game Hero account by following these steps:
1) Go to​
2) Click ‘Join Tournament’.​
3) Enter your Free Fire nickname and ID.​
4) Click ‘Confirm’.​

Step 4
: Create or join a squad of 4 people with fellow Axiata Game Hero subscribers: ​
1) If you want to join an existing squad, enter the name of the squad and click ‘Request to Join’. ​
2) If you want to create your own squad, simply enter the name you want for your squad and click ‘Create’.​

Terms & Conditions

  • All active Smart prepaid subscribers are eligible to subscribe to Axiata Game Hero, except Smart @Home subscribers.
  • You can find the tournament rules here:
  • You can view the Leaderboard here:
  • This service will be immediately removed upon a deactivation request. Subscribers will not be able to use the service after successful deactivation.
  • Those who subscribe to Axiata Game Hero will join the Axiata Game Hero Tournament Trials. The Leaderboard will record daily scores but only the first 10 games your squad plays each day will be recorded. Scores from every game played thereafter will not be recorded.
  • The top 12 squads on the Leaderboard from the Tournament Trials will be selected for the National Championship. The top 3 squads from the National Championship will advance to the Grand Championship.
  • To form a squad, you must have 4 members.
  • Scores will remain valid on the Leaderboard only if all squad members keep their Axiata Game Hero subscription active.
  • If a squad member’s subscription fails to process due to insufficient balance, after three days of failed subscription renewal attempts the squad will be removed from the Leaderboard automatically.
  • Each squad member must remain active for the entire tournament period to stay on the Leaderboard. If a member of a squad is not active for more than 3 days, the whole team will be removed from the Leaderboard. You can then create a new squad or join a different squad, but your scores will be reset to zero.
  • You can also subscribe to the Axiata Game Hero tournament in individual mode. However, the Free Fire tournament is squad-based. If you want to play individually, you will not be entered into the competition.
  • Subscribers need a Free Fire account to join the tournament.
  • To view your Free Fire character, you must open your profile in the Free Fire app by tapping your nickname in the top-left corner of the game dashboard.
  • After successful verification of your Free Fire account, you can choose to create a squad (become a squad leader) or join a squad (become a squad member) by searching for squad names in the search field.
  • The squad leader (the person who created the squad) is responsible for approving or rejecting requests to join their squad on the ‘Profile’ page.
  • Squad leaders cannot change their squad name after confirmation. The squad name will be used throughout the tournament.
  • If the squad name you want is ‘not available’, it means that the name is either already taken or all the member slots have been filled.
  • A subscriber can join only 1 squad at a time with their account.
  • If you win the National Championship and progress to the Grand Championship in Malaysia, you are expected to cover your travel expenses with your prize money from the National Championship, while accommodation in Malaysia will be provided by Techninier.
  • Participants are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, including securing the required travel documents.
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