Surfing, surfing, surfing!

I love to use my phone to check my emails, my social networks and more. Smart has great add-on data to suit my demands. Whether I need a little or a lot, daily or all the time, Smart has excellent and affordable data packages for me and I will always be in touch with my family and loved ones.

How to activate SurfLikeCrazy?

Daily SurfLikeCrazy

  Fee Activation
100MB 10 cents Dial  *087*10#
250MB 25 cents Dial *087*25#
1GB 1 USD Dial *087*100#


Monthly SurfLikeCrazy

  Fee Activation
500MB 1 USD Dial *087*101#
2GB 3 USD Dial *087*300#
4GB 5 USD Dial *087*500#
8.5GB 10 USD Dial *087*1000#
13GB 15 USD Dial *087*1500#
25GB 25 USD Dial *087*2500#

Status and more

-To check status, dial *087*888#
-To deactivate, dial *087*0#


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Terms & Conditions

  • Applicable for all plans, including Traveller SIM.
  • SurfLikeCrazy can be used 15 minutes after activation.

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