Social Pack Unlimited

With Smart I get all in one!

For only 1 USD/month, I can enjoy 4 social media platforms to connect to my friends and family. With my Social Pack unlimited, I get Facebook, LINE, Viber, and WhatsApp unlimited now! I can watch video*, chat with my friends, upload photos, post statuses, and comment without data limits.


How to activate this service?

Dial *998*92#

Only 1 USD/month

Status and more

- To deactivate, dial *998*09#
- To check status, dial *998*889#


With Smart, I can keep up with all the latest songs

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Terms & Conditions

  • The fee will be charged from the main balance.
  • To subscribe to Social Pack unlimited, other individual social media subscriptions (Facebook, Line Viber, and WhatsApp) must be unsubscribed.
  • Watching Facebook videos is unlimited, but videos originating from external sites (e.g. Youtube), will have charges deducted from my available data balance.
  • I can activate this service if my number is active.
  • I can use this service even if my main balance is empty.

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