Message friends. Send photos and gifs. And watch as much video* as you like on WhatsApp. All from as little as 2 cents/day!

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  • Unlimited data usage from as little as 2 cents/day
  • Continue using WhatsApp even when main balance is empty
  • Great value daily and monthly deals

Terms & Conditions

*Watching WhatsApp videos is unlimited, but videos originating from external sites (e.g. YouTube) will incur charges which will be deducted from your available data balance.

  • Subscription fee is charged from main balance only.
  • WhatsApp Unlimited subscribers can enjoy unlimited access, except for voice/video calls over WhatsApp. Voice/video calls over WhatsApp will be charged based on your data plan.
  • WhatsApp Unlimited is an auto-renewal service.
  • WhatsApp Unlimited is not available to Smart PowerPlus, SmartHome or Smart StreamOn subscribers, apart from Smart PowerPlus 1, where it is available as an add-on service. It is available to all other Smart prepaid customers.
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