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If you’re always streaming videos on TikTok, this service is the one for you! For ONLY 3 cents/day, you get UNLIMITED data to watch and upload as much as you want.

There’s no limit, so you can watch your favorite videos, discover new content and share your funniest moments with the world whenever you want.

Subscribe NOW and the fun never stops!

TikTok Unlimited(auto-renewal)
TikTok UnlimitedOne-Off
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You can also manage your TikTok subscription easily in SmartNas.

Terms & Conditions

  • All active prepaid subscribers (except those on Smart StreamOn and Smart OsPaNhaHa! who already have TikTok Unlimited within their Smart StreamOn or Smart OsPaNhaHa! subscriptions) can subscribe to this service.
  • The subscription fee is charged from your main balance.
  • The unlimited TikTok data is only for the TikTok mobile application.
  • Subscribers cannot subscribe to Tik Tok Unlimited and activate TikTok Unlimited One-Off at the same time.
  • The auto-renewal will process at midnight (12 AM) if you have enough main balance.
  • Subscribers can only use their unlimited data with this service if they are in an active status.

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