That’s double the amount of talk time for the same price as the standard rate.

To call, simply dial +86 (phone number), and remember to remove the 0 at the start of the phone number. Easy!

Package Validity Subscription Unsubscribe
2 USD = 100 mins 30 days Dial *030*100# Dial *030*100*0#
1 USD = 50 mins 30 days Dial *030*50# Dial *030*50*0#

How to Use

To check your status, Dial *030*888#


  • The best value deal to call people in China
  • Make calls wherever you are, even if you don’t have WiFi or data
  • Easily check your status – simply Dial *030*888#
  • No long-term subscription

Terms & Conditions

  • If you don’t subscribe to the Call to China package, you will be charged at the standard calling rate of 4 cents/minute.
  • If you are also using the 3 cents/minute promotion, you will be charged at the Call to China rate. The 3 cents/minute promotion will be reverted when the above service expires or finishes.
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