I can talk alot and I talk for FREE every day!

FREE talk time every day with Super60. The more I top up, the more FREE minutes I get. It's simple as that.

How to choose this plan or how to change my plan to Super60?

Dial *202#

One thing to do after that: top up!

  • 20 min

    of FREE calls

    when I top up

    1 USD

  • 40 min

    of FREE calls

    when I top up between

    2 USD - 4.99 USD

  • 60 min

    of FREE calls

    when I top up

    5 USD and above


-On-net calls = Smart to Smart calls
-Off-net calls = calls to different national networks



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Related FAQS

What is Super60?

With this plan, you can enjoy ​up to 60 minutes of free bonus Talk Time daily. If you top up 1USD, you will get 20 minutes, if you top up from 2 to 4.99 USD, you will get 40 minutes and if you top up (from) 5 USD and above, you will get 60 minutes.

How can I switch to Super60?

*202# and press send. It is free of charge for the initial tariff change. Subsequent tariff changes will be charged 50 cents.

How can I check Super60 bonus?

Please dial *202*888# and press send, bonus is only valid from 12:00AM-5:00PM

Terms & Conditions

  • Dial *202*888# to check my daily FREE minutes, *888# to check my main balance, *123# to check my current plan.
  • 5 USD top up BONUS for the first top up, once I choose Super60 (minimum 1 USD). This first BONUS is valid for 30 days.
  • The daily FREE on-net calls can only be used 12AM to 5PM.
  • I can switch from my current plan to Super60 for FREE. Switching back is permitted, but future changes to plans will be charged at a cost of 50 cents.
  • After the FREE minutes are used, standard charges from applicable balance apply.

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