I want it all and I want it now!

I want to make calls, send SMS, enjoy Smart Music, have unlimited social media usage and also data! Power+ really provides for all of my needs!


Power+ Big BONUS​ is extended till 31 January 2017! I can get BONUS when I activate any Power+ plan. I can use this BONUS for all my on-net calls, SMS and data!

How to subscribe or how to change my plan for Power+?

With Power+, I have the choice: I can top up weekly for 1 or 2 USD or take the ultimate package at 8 USD per month and never run out of what I need! All Power+ plans include unlimited social media and unlimited SMS!


  • 1 USD/week
    - 1GB
    - 250 min calls
    - Unlimited SMS
    - Unlimited social pack

    Dial *700*100#

  • 2 USD/week
    - 2GB
    - Smart Music
    - Unlimited Calls
    - Unlimited SMS
    - Unlimited social pack

    Dial *700*200#

  • 8 USD/week
    - 8GB
    - Smart Music
    - Unlimited Calls
    - Unlimited SMS
    - Unlimited social pack

    Dial *700*800#

- On-net calls = Smart to Smart calls
- Off-net calls = calls to different national networks


I want more data! Easy: I can power up!

40% more


I want to manage all my channels in one place

is here for me!

Terms & Conditions

  • Dial *700*888# to check my balance.
  • The validity is 7 days for Power+ 1 and Power+ 2 and 30 days for Power+ 8
  • As a Power+ subscriber, I can enjoy using other add-on services such as SurfLikeCrazy, TalkLikeCrazy and other services except Smart Xchange.
  • Unlimited calls and SMS are for on-net only (Smart to Smart). Calls are unlimited during off-peak hours (12 AM - 4:59 PM) and 60 mins per day for calls during peak hours (5 PM – 11:59 PM). Standard charges apply for off-net calls (Smart to other network) and on-net calls (Smart to Smart) during peak hours if the 60 mins per day quota are used up.
  • The unlimited use of voice calls, SMS, Social Pack and Smart Music is offered for private and personal use. The use through PBX or any other line or device connected to a computer aiming at making a large number of voice and/or video calls and/or sending a high volume of SMS and/or data is not permitted.

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