All I want in a single plan with the CRAZIEST PROMOTION from Smart! I can get 150 USD plus UNLIMITED calls and SMS for only 1 USD. With the BONUS I get, I can surf as much as I want.

NEW! Now I can even share my Power+ 2, Power+ 8 or Power+ 8 Uber plan benefits with my loved ones.


For more data, I can Power Up!

40% more


I want to manage all my channels in one place

is here for me!

Terms & Conditions

  • The BONUS promotion valid until further notice.
  • To check my Power+ balance, I can simply dial *700*888#.
  • Every new registration or renewal, I will get the BONUS.
    • With Power+ 1, I get 125 USD Bonus and 1GB of data. (1GB is equivalent to 25 USD) Total 150 USD.
    • With Power+ 2, I get 8GB data BONUS (equivalent to 200 USD)  and 2GB of data (equivalent to 50 USD). Total 250 USD.
    • With Power+ 8, I get 32GB data BONUS (equivalent to 800 USD) and 8GB of data (equivalent to 200 USD). Total 1,000 USD.
    • With Power+ 8 Uber, I get 32GB data BONUS (equivalent to 800 USD) and 8GB of data (equivalent to 200 USD). Total 1,000 USD. I also get an additional 5GB of data to use on Uber App-Driver.
    • The validity is 7 days for Power+ 1 and Power+ 2 and 30 days for Power+ 8 & Power+8 Uber.
    • Remaining plan benefits will be removed if I am a Power +1, Power +2, Power +8 or Power+ 8 Uber subscriber and I upgrade, downgrade or switch to another tariff.
  • My Power+ 1 and Power+ 2 plan’s validity is 7 days and my Power+ 8 plan’s validity is 30 days.
  • Social Pack Unlimited is included for Power+ 2, Power+ 8 and Power+8 Uber but not Power+ 1. However, I am eligible to purchase Social Pack Unlimited on Power+ 1 as an added service.
  • With Power+, I can use all other services such as SurfLikeCrazy, TalkLikeCrazy, Smart Xchange.
  • Power+ bundle package will be removed when subscribers switch to other tariffs.
  • My unlimited calls and SMS are for on-net use only (Smart to Smart). Calls are unlimited from 12am until 4:59pm (off-peak hours), while from 5pm until 11:59pm (peak hours), 60 minutes are awarded daily. Standard charges apply if I call off-net (Smart to other network) and on-net calls (Smart to Smart) during peak hours if the 60 minutes per day quota are used up.
  • My unlimited use of voice calls, SMS and Social Pack is offered for my private and personal use. The use through PBX or any other line or device connected to a computer aiming at making a large number of voice and/or video calls and/or sending a high volume of SMS and/or data is not permitted and any such usage will result in suspension of service.
  • Sharing option:
    • If I use Power+ 2, I can add one sharing buddy. If I use Power+ 8 or Power+ 8 Uber, I can add up to 2 sharing buddies. My buddy needs to be in an active status to enjoy the shared benefits.
    • I can share all my Power+ 2, Power+ 8 & Power+ 8 Uber benefits except Social Pack Unlimited and Uber app-Driver (for Power+ 8 Uber) .
    • If my sharing buddy wants to check the shared benefits status, he can simply dial *700*11*888#.
    • If I want to add or delete a buddy, I can simply dial *700# and follow instructions.
  • Here summery Power+ minute free for peak hours
    Tariff Plans Bonus Call Validity Remark
    Power+ 1 60 min/day 7 days Provide as daily 60 min per day( total=420 min)
    Power+ 2 420 min/7days 7 days Provide package 420 min validity 7 days
    Power+ 8 1800 min/30days 30 days Provide package 1800 min validity 30 days
    Power+ 8 Uber 1800 min/30days 30 days Provide package 1800 min validity 30 days

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