Smart Xchange

I can get 30 USD out of my 1 USD from Smart Xchange! Now I can enjoy even more data, Facebook browsing, calls and SMS with Smart!

Plan Xchange for Activation Validity
Own account Other's account*
10 cents  1 USD *656*10# *656*phone number*10# 1 day
20 cents 3 USD *656*20# *656*phone number*20# 2 days
50 cents 8 USD *656*50#  *656*phone number*50# 7 days
1 USD 30 USD *656*100# *656*phone number*100#  12 days
2 USD 60 USD *656*200#  *656*phone number*200# 25 days


  • To check my Smart Xchange balance, dial: *656*888#.
  • A 1 cent service fee will be charged to my account for any Smart Xchange transactions to any other's account.
  • 1MB = 2 cents only!

Terms & Conditions

  • This service can be used by all Smart customer.
  • The exchanged amount can be used for on-net calls and SMS as well as data.
  • I can activate Smart Xchange as often as I wish, both for my own accounts and for others’ accounts, but the amount will not be added together. The primary exchanged sum will be used up first, then the following exchanged amount. If the validity period of the second exchanged amount is shorter than the previous sum’s, the second expiry date will be postponed to the longest validity period. For example: 
    • On 1st May, I exchange 1 USD for 30 USD -> valid for 12 days -> expires on 12th May.
    • On the same day 1st May, I exchange 2 USD for 60 USD -> expires on 25th May.
    • On the same day 1st May, I exchange another 10 cents for 1 USD -> expires on 25th May (the validity of 1 USD is 1 day but as is shorter as the validity of the previous exchange, its expiry date is set to 25th May).
  • To make Smart Xchange transactions, my firends and I must be in the ‘active’ status, meaning being able to place calls.
  • If I exchange for my friends, the activation fee will be charged from my main balance.

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