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To support the growth of the mobile gaming industry in Cambodia, the country’s leading telecommunications operator Smart Axiata has partnered with local game developer studio DirexPlay to revamp the mobile action game hit Wrath of Fighters.

A fast-paced online multiplayer mobile game, Wrath of Fighters is available in Khmer and English to gamers around the world and lets players learn about Cambodian art and culture while playing with their friends in real-time.

“The idea of the game is to bring local art and culture into digital entertainment so that anyone, anywhere, of any culture, can have fun, connect and experience Khmer art and culture online during their free time,” said Piseth Chhourm, CEO of DirexPlay.

Players can create and customize their own fighters with many different skins (costumes) inspired by Cambodian poems based on the Sanskrit’s Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. Players can choose to play in different maps and environments influenced by places in Cambodia, such as ancient temples like Angkor Thom, the city of Phnom Penh and the Siem Reap countryside.

DirexPlay has also developed other mobile game and apps that draw inspiration from mythical folklore and Cambodian traditions, such as Sok and Sao’s Adventure and Khmer eCard.

Wrath of Fighters, launched in 2016, has been downloaded 340,000 times and is available on Android and iOS. Its most recent update – available over Khmer New Year – will feature a refreshed look with new maps and skins for players to explore as well as support a smoother gaming experience. Smart subscribers who play the game will receive special offers, exclusive skins and a Smart happy hour, during which they can earn extra coin packs and other benefits.

“We’re so excited to be partnering with Smart for this new season. Smart is really keen on supporting and promoting local developers like us. This partnership allows us to bring our Khmer game to the next level, reach a wider audience and deliver a more engaging experience to Cambodian players, especially Smart subscribers,” said Piseth.

Thomas Hundt, chief executive officer of Smart Axiata, said: “We are impressed that Cambodian developers are creating mobile games that reach people across the country and also have the potential to attract international players. It shows the amazing progress of Cambodia’s mobile gaming industry and proves that Cambodia can play a major role in the regional and global growth of esports.”

“This isn’t the first time we have worked with DirexPlay. Last year, we partnered up to develop a game called Oum Touk by Smart that celebrated a unique Cambodian festival, the Water Festival. By tapping into local skilled talents, we can harness the power of technology to tell unique Cambodian stories using authentic Cambodian voices,” Thomas added.

Smart Axiata continues to champion the growth of esports in Cambodia through various gaming tournaments and partnerships with local game developers. In 2020, Smart co-organized the Kingdom of Legends tournament, the biggest e-gaming tournament seen in the Kingdom, with a prize pool that totaled 32,000 USD. Also, Leng Center is the company’s gateway to the gaming universe where customers can enjoy all types of games, participate in tournaments and more.

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