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SmartLuy makes sending money to anyone in Cambodia easy.

Simply enter their phone number in the app. Enter your 4-digit PIN. Choose the amount you want to send. And it’s done! It’s fast, secure and convenient.

You can also send money using a SmartLuy agent or Smart Shop.

Download the SmartLuy app today and start sending your money, the Smart way.

Via SmartLuy app

  • 1

    Open the SmartLuy app
    Type in your registered Smart number
    Press Proceed
    Select Send Money in the SmartLuy menu

  • 2

    Type in your 4-digit PIN
    Enter the recipient’s mobile number
    Enter amount in USD

  • 3

    Press Confirm to send money

  • 4

    Once you’ve received a confirmation SMS, your money has been sent!


  • 1

    Dial *1111# and press *4

  • 2

    Enter recipient’s Mobile number

  • 3

    Enter amount you want to transfer in USD

  • 4

    Confirm transaction

  • 5

    Once you’ve received a confirmation SMS, your payment has been sent!

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