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International Yoga Day in Cambodia Both Phnom Penh City and Siem Reap Angkor

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Phnom Penh 21st June 2015 – YOGA, a method exercise combining physical movement, mental control and breathing techniques, was celebrated for the first time in two locations in Cambodia during the International Day of Yoga. The Ministry of Tourism and the Indian Embassy in Cambodia will host the event under the sponsorship of Smart.

June 21 is regarded as the International Day of Yoga in 177 countries, including Cambodia. The International Day of Yoga will be held in Cambodia for the first time starting at 6am in front of Angkor Wat temple and 6pm in the garden in front of the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh.

The objective of Yoga day is to achieve a balance of life, promote a healthy environment, a healthy life style, balanced between body and mind and human and nature. It’s a good event to promote the tourism industry in Cambodia as well.

There were 1100 participants in Siem Reap and 1200 participants in Phnom Penh will be marked in history of first International Yoga Day in Cambodia.

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