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Every home can now become a smart one with advanced IoT devices –available at selected Smart Shops – that can be managed via a single smartphone app, allowing users to remotely control and secure their properties.

The new devices are designed to provide homeowners with more security, control and convenience.

Smart Axiata has launched a variety of new IoT (Internet of Things) devices, including security cameras, smoke detectors, Wi-Fi light bulbs and a Wi-Fi remote, in conjunction with electronics producer NINE. The new technology will allow customers to control their everyday electronic devices via the Smart Life app.

“IoT, or the Internet of Things, is expected to transform people’s lives and their approach to technology,” said Smart Axiata CEO Thomas Hundt. “By connecting ordinary household devices to the Internet, today’s smart device consumer will have greater control over their modern day-to-day lives and home security.”

“These new IoT home products showcase Cambodia’s rapid development in mobile technologies and paves the way towards the country’s 5G future. I am very proud of the role Smart Axiata is playing in this effort to digitally modernize Cambodia,” Thomas added.

Smart and NINE are launching this IoT initiative with two sets of products focused on security and automation.

To improve their home security, Smart customers can purchase items such as smoke detectors, door sensors and security cameras that connect to a central hub controlling all the devices.

Smart and NINE are offering three other products that have the potential to transform their daily lives. The NINE Smart Wi-Fi Socket Plug enables people to remotely switch appliances on and off, while the Wi-Fi Bulb allows people to control lights remotely. The Wi-Fi IR Remote, meanwhile, enables homeowners to control appliances such as air conditioners, fans, TVs and other household devices remotely. All devices can be controlled via the Smart Life app. The devices can also be controlled by voice when connected to Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

“We know how important it is for our customers to feel comfortable in their homes and make sure they and their families feel safe. By partnering with Smart Axiata to introduce IoT home devices with Smart’s advanced network technology, we are giving our customers more control over their home, making it a lot more comfortable and secure,” said Kenny Yap, Managing Director of NINE Cambodia.

The new devices are displayed and available for purchase at dedicated Smart IoT Corners in four Smart Shops: Smart Shop Aeon Mall Phnom Penh, Smart Shop Aeon Mall Sen Sok, Smart Shop Phnom Penh Center and Smart Shop Sorya Center Point. Two more Smart IoT Corners will open soon in Smart Shop Monivong and Smart Shop Nehru. The products can be purchased individually or as a package, and customers can install the products themselves or request professional installation from NINE.

For more information, follow the Smart Axiata Facebook page at or visit All the available home IoT devices can be viewed at

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