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Stay safe and stay connected with Smart. To minimize risk and protect yourself and your loved ones, you can easily e-top up wherever you are. Every time you e-top up at least 1.25 USD  through SmartNas or, you’ll also get 1GB of data for FREE! You can e-top up via any of the following channels:

​It’s easy and safe; in any of the above channels, all you have to do is:​

  • ​Choose your payment option (Pi Pay, AliPay, ABA PAY or credit/debit card)​
  • Choose the amount (1.25 USD or more to get the FREE 1GB of data)​

​You can download the SmartNas app for FREE at​.​

This offer is not available with scratch cards.

This offer is available from now until May 31. ​

How to check your data

To check your remaining data, go into SmartNas.​​

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