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We’ve got some special offers for new and existing Smart @Home subscribers and great gifts for you to enjoy from September 10 until 30!

If you’re a new subscriber, purchase Smart @Home Standard or Premium plan for 2 months and you’ll receive 2 Smart numbers (worth 54 USD each) and 10GB of data per month for 2 months FREE! If you buy Smart @Home plan for 3 months, you’ll not only get these gifts, but also a FREE raincoat or food container.

Existing subscribers can also get 10GB of data FREE every month when you purchase the 3-month, 6-month or 12-month Smart @Home Standard or Premium plan renewal package between September 10 until 30!

Visit your nearest Smart Shop to take advantage of these great offers!

Terms & Conditions

  • If you do not want the 2 free numbers offered in this promotion, you will still receive the 2GB/month on your existing Smart prepaid number, as per the current offer.
  • The raincoat and food container can be redeemed at any Smart Shop by presenting a valid receipt (including a top up for the 3-month offer) of your purchase within the promotion period.
  • After 2 months of the 10GB/month offer, your Smart prepaid number will receive the 2GB/month, as per the current offer.
  • The validity of the 10GB data each month will follow the Smart @Home lifecycle.
  • Your number must be in an active status to receive the 10GB of data.
  • The 10GB of data will be provided to your linked Smart @Home number.

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