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Enjoy special offer from Smart @Home!

Get a FREE Wi-Fi Booster, a device to expand Wi-Fi coverage in your home, or FREE Smart Prime II Phone by simply spending a minimum of 72 USD to subscribe to any Smart @Home plan!​

You’ll also get other benefits such as:​

  • FREE router when you subscribe to our standard plan starting from 2 months​
  • Get 2GB of data for your Smart-linked phone number​
  • Enjoy entertainment services such as JaiKonTV, Soyo, SmartVIP and Pleng Pro​

How to subscribe to Smart @Home plan​

  • Go to your nearest Smart Shop​
  • Go to the SmartNas app​
  • Call 1204​

Terms & Conditions

  • New Activation subs requires to pay upfront at least 72 USD of any plan, to get 1 unit ONLY of Wi-Fi Booster or Smart Prime II for FREE.​
  • Existing subs sub requires to top up at least 72 USD of any plan (whether their current plan either monthly or any longer pack subscription is active), they will get 1 unit ONLY of Wi-Fi Booster or Smart Prime II for FREE. ​
  • Redemption FREE unit is maxed 1 unit per CPE MSISDN ONLY though customers are willing to top up more or multiple times of 72 USD during the promo period.​
  • Promotion runs from 20th July to 31st August 2022.​
  • The redemption offers are at any Smart Shop ONLY and valid from 20th Jul to 7th Sep-22.​
  • Promotional items will be available based on stock last.​
  • The FREE unit will be granted under the condition that subs need to use Smart @Home at least 90 days from the redemption date. ​
  • Refund is still possible during the promo and follows the standard terms, yet the refund will be paid by deducting prorated basis.​

Refund Terms and Conditions of FREE device​

  • During this promo, customer can make rormal Refund under our standard rules (5 days no coverage and 14 days low coverage conditions).​​
  • The FREE devices will be granted if customer uses Smart @Home service within 90 days after redemption. If it is less than 90 days, it will be charged: ​​
    • Smart Prime II Phone = 59 USD/90 days = 0.65 USD/day​​
    • Wi-Fi Booster = 20 USD/90 days = 0.22 USD/day​​

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