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Will you win the top 10,000 USD cash prize? ​

Scratch to WIN! is back and better than ever before! Everybody wins something with the 5,000 and 10,000 Riel Smart Cards. There’s loads of fantastic prizes to be won. You could win: ​

  • 10,000 USD cash (5 winners) ​
  • 100 USD cash (100 winners) ​
  • The latest OPPO Reno Series smartphone (200 winners) ​
  • The latest OPPO Find Series smartphone (100 winners) ​
  • The Smart Hero (500 winners) ​
  • Millions of data and airtimes prizes ​​

Buy a 5,000 or 10,000 Riel Smart Card and see what you win. Smart Cards are available at Smart Shops, Smart Dealers and Smart Spots nationwide. ​

Get scratching NOW!​

Terms & Conditions

  • ​You can redeem any prize that you’ve won at any Smart Shop​
  • This promotion ends on October 31 2020​
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