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Terms & Conditions

  • Both new and existing Pleng users are eligible to receive the free 30-day Pleng Pro subscription: new users must download and register to receive the free subscription, while existing app users who have not yet registered can get the free subscription by completing registration. ​
  • To be eligible to get the free 30-day Pleng Pro subscription, users must successfully complete the registration process in the Pleng app.​
  • Users can register via their phone number (any network), Facebook account, Gmail, email, or Apple ID. ​
  • Users can check the status of their Pleng Pro subscription in the Pleng app.​
  • Users will not be automatically charged for another subscription at the end of the free 30-day Pleng Pro subscription.​
  • Once the free 30-day Pleng Pro subscription ends, users will lose access to the Pleng Pro features unless they re-subscribe.​
  • The free 30-day Pleng Pro subscription will begin once users successfully register and log in. ​

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